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God… the dreams are getting worse and worse every night.  I can’t stop thinking about them during the day now either, maybe if I quit reading those erotic novels Brianna keeps giving me I might be able to get a good night sleep.


Sienna knew the moment that she opened her eyes that for some reason today was going to be a changing day in her life.


For the past 2 years she’s gotten up every morning Monday to Friday and gone into Dalhousie Electronics; sitting at her desk outside the double offices of the Dalhousie twins, her bosses; trying to keep from daydreaming of them taking her in every conceivable way possible.


Remember that old saying ‘double you pleasure, double your fun’?  Whoever coined it had to be referring to Mikhail and Sasha.  Greek gods incarnate. 


A small snippet from "Sienna's Submissions"

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